Why Dealing with Amazon Seller Central Support feels futile

Yup, the title pretty much sums it up. Amazon seller central recently changed their help menus, so it’s even more difficult now to find support when you need it. That being said, this very much feels like a global thing now. The big tech companies and manufacturers of electronics alike REALLY make you jump through hoops to get support. Microsoft does something similar. The push is for the user or consumer to reach as much as possible, to innundate themselves with information and try every single thing possible before possibly reaching out for help.

It’s frustrating that this is the way of things now. The way Amazon has changed seller central’s help area means that you have to jump through hoops before you can get support now.

Amazon Seller Central Help Area

Amazon Seller Central Help Area – or lack there of. Clicking the case log button does not even let you open a new case. Wow, that’s infuriating.

Amazon Seller Central was already pretty difficult to get help before, now it’s even more frustrating then before. Responses from Amazon Seller support are generally canned.



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