Why Laser Targeted Keywords are one of the Most Important Aspects of Website Building

So you’ve decided you are going to build your first website, and you know what your passion is. In my videos, I talk about how the most important parts of learning to make money online is to be passionate, and to do your keyword research. You may be passionate about guitars. You may be passionate about building motorcycles. But if your website is targeted at “learn to play guitar,”  or “learn to repair your motorcycle,” you’re never going to get discovered. Why? There’s simply too much competition.

Now, if we start to dig a little, we start to find more interesting and more targeted keyword results…we just have to do a little digging, a little research, and use a little brain power:

  • How to learn bass guitar with a few simple chords
  • Starter chords for Bass Guitar, Starter Chords for Electric Guitar
  • How to learn to play Motley Crew songs on Guitar (Motley Crue, Motley Crew, talk more about mistypes later)
  • How to repair a 1978 Yamaha Suzuki GSR
  • How to replace the fuel filter on a 1980 Honda Nighthawk 650cc

Do you see how we started to get more and more targeted there?  So how did I do that, you may ask. Well, there are two ways.

The first way of looking for keyword results is what we call machine-driven. Machine driven means that Google will tell you when you look for something, what people are looking for. If you take a look at the bottom of the screen when you do your search, you’ll see Google returning “related results.” These are some of the relevant and related keyword terms that Google sees searchers using.

Machine-driven results can be competitive too though. You need to use some research tools and figure out if you have any chance of ranking or not. One of the ways of doing that is by using the Google Adwords Keywords Tool. This used to be a free tool. It still is, the only difference is now you have to actually register for an Adwords account in order to use it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to actually spend money, but you do have to open an Adwords account and go through the motions of actually creating a campaign.

The Google Adwords Keywords Tool shows you popular searches and can help to determine keyword popularity, as well as keyword competitiveness. Another good tool to use is Google Trends. Say for instance you want to know what is more popular – and therefore gets more search queries – when comparing two sets of keywords. So for example you have two brand name microwave units, and want to know which one gets more searches. Plunk them into Google Trends with a comma inbetween, and you’ll be able to see which brand has more search queries. It’s very useful to be able to tell when people search more for a singular term then a plural, and vica versa. This is very important when conducting early keyword research.

Check out my video below for more information:

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