Why the most successful people live by a schedule

So, if you’ve taken my advice, you’ve started building a website, or maybe a few websites. One of the things that will help you to be successful will be to follow a strict or disciplined schedule. If you look at the very rich or very successful people out there, especially entrepreneurs, you’ll find that they completely build their own schedule from the ground up and follow it very closely.

Now, that may not always be an option for everyone, when we all tend to work full time jobs. And I’m not going to tell you to quit your day job until you’ve got several successful money streams all generating revenue for you. However, if you want to be successful, having a good schedule is key. You need to train your body and your mind to do what you want. That means to beat the system and develop a formula that works for you, you’ll generally want to write at least two pages of content each day for your site(s). To do that, you need to determine when in the day you’ll do that writing.

It does not always have to be at the same time of day, but if you leave yourself enough time in-between the other things you’re doing, that’s one way to do it also.

The Formula to Making Money Online with a Blog (or any Website) is writing 2 articles per day

Instead of watching TV for hours a day, or playing video games – cut that time back just a little, and invest it into writing articles for your website. If you’re able to write 2 articles per day, that’s 14 per week. If you’re only able to do it 5 days a week, that’s still 10 articles per week. In 2 weeks you could have 28 articles, if you’re able to write everyday. In a month you’d have enough articles or pages on your website to get started with.

Depending on how niche your website is, this may even be enough pages that you can now move onto marketing your site. Writing content is really step one. Once that’s done, move onto step two and start looking for places to post your website in order to get backlinks and clickthroughs.

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