Money Making Guides

I believe it would be the dream of many to achieve personal financial freedom. Doing so is never easy. Unless you’re a doctor or a lawyer, you’re probably in the middle or lower income bracket. You can work all of your life, but still always feel like you’re just getting by. It’s difficult to come by extra money, and when you do, that money is often required for your kids, or car maintenance, or clothes; or whatever other things are required in day to day life.

Obtaining financial freedom is something that is doable. If you’re willing to spend a little of your free time, and invest it into building an online business, you can earn that extra bit of money that you’re looking for. It may start out as a hundred or two hundred dollars a month, and then you build it to a few hundred dollars a month. Before you know it, your online business is grossing a few thousand dollars a month.

I don’t make false claims on this website, or try to get you to sign up for some program you’ve probably never heard of. I offer my honest opinion on money making ventures out there and navigate you to the ones that will make you money. As an example, I can tell you that if you wanted to sell products on Amazon Seller Central, you have to handle the logistics of shipping and receiving. While it’s possible to make money, you spend a lot of time in administrative overhead, corresponding with potential buyers and handling returns. Often times you’ll deal with fickle buyers who cancel transactions for no reason other then they have changed their mind after making a purchase.

With that being said, a way to earn a residual income (you keep making the money forever) via building a website is one I tend to steer site visitors towards. This is where I have the most experience; as I’ve been building websites for close to fifteen years. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Over the years I’ve changed my approach a little here and there, but the foundation of good Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and writing useful content has remained.