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Why setting up SSL certificates is a pain on Go Daddy

I had many websites that were hosted on multiple Go Daddy packages, for many years. I recently left Go Daddy due to excessive downtimes (along with a myriad of other problems) and discovered that SSL certificates are a TON easier … Continue reading

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Review of YouGov Online Survey Platform

YouGov – what’s in a name? Before we get started, let us say that we’re not for or against this website, or online survey platform. We’re not writing a review that praises YouGov, nor do we have anything against the … Continue reading

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Why Cancelling my Go Daddy Hosting Packages and Migrating WordPress Websites Made Sense in November 2021

So in November 2021 Go Daddy had a huge hack happen. I figured this out only because my websites were down for days. Down, then up, then down again. Now, to be honest this is sort of not new with … Continue reading

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How to Setup your First WordPress Website

So, you want to get started making money online and build your first website. Excellent. Other webmasters online will tell you, “you need to pick a product or service before you start your website”  or before you start any forms … Continue reading

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Why Dealing with Amazon Seller Central Support feels futile

Yup, the title pretty much sums it up. Amazon seller central recently changed their help menus, so it’s even more difficult now to find support when you need it. That being said, this very much feels like a global thing … Continue reading

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How Uber Continues to Evolve to Find More Ways to Take Money from Consumers

So, how else can Uber take my money? Let’s see, hmmmm. Well, let’s make it so that users have to pay extra to have their food delivered directly to them. If they want to buy less food, let’s ding them … Continue reading

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Easiest Ways to Backup and Restore WordPress Websites

Backing up and restoring WordPress websites is easy, if you know what tools to use. Using the right plugins, you can skip a lot of restoral steps like having to create a database in myPHP or other. If you’ve worked … Continue reading

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The Easiest Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

So, this is a great question. At the time of writing this article in April of 2021, I would say the three below methods are probably the easiest ways to make money at this time. Two of the methods I … Continue reading

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Issues with GoDaddy Technical Support

So, I have to say I’m not super happy with GoDaddy Technical Support. I’ve been with a GoDaddy reseller for ages now. The only reason I probably haven’t switched is the price point (however, I’m probably paying more now then … Continue reading

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Why it’s easier to write a blog then operate an online store

Note: I’ll admit, that this post is probably a little bit biased. I do apologize about that. I certainly write from my own personal experience in this article, and that tends to lean to one side. The side I tend … Continue reading

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