How can I learn to make money online?

Being able to earn additional money on the side is everyone’s dream. Even if you’re successful in your career, it can take many years of working hard to really earn an income. By then you might be ready to retire.

With the global pandemic affecting everyone as well, the time has never been better to learn how to make an income from home. Maybe you need to stay home more because you are isolating. You need to protect your family. You need to protect what’s important to you in your life. For sure. Let’s learn to make an income from home.

Being able to have financial freedom is difficult for most people. Even worse, finding ways to make money online can feel like a pipe dream. Most of the search results you’ll find on Google and other search engines is related to online surveys and “quick cash schemes”.

If you’re a beginner and you’d like to learn how to build an online income, search results can be daunting. You often need to know a little bit about online marketing and search engine rankings before you’re going to know what the major websites are, or the best players. For example, you’re probably not going to stumble upon Webmaster World by searching for “how to make money online,” or other related searches.

To build an income from online websites: The most significant investment you will invest in this venture, is your time. The time you spend will be spend in writing website content – should you choose to pursue¬† your own website. If you want to look at other ways to earn money online, you’re welcome to do so. It is true that there are some methods of earning an online income which will not be sustainable or you will not earn money with. For example, selling actual goods in person right now is likely not going to make you money. The residual way of earning money is through owning a website and earning advertising revenue. This is the most effective means to earn an online income, in which you get a paycheque from advertising every month.

We’re not going to tell you, that you can make a million dollars overnight. Any kind of residual income comes from hard work, motivation, some dedication and much needed passion.

It simply does not happen this way. I will show you quick ways to make money, like doing online surveys. These methods are fleeting, and repetitive. They don’t have a real sense of satisfaction, like you’ve built something sustainable. Methods like online surveys are also not a residual source of income – read my article on how to build an online income with your first website for more information. As with anything in life, you get back what you put in. You may have to work hard for a few months, little bits here and there in your spare time, but eventually it’ll pay off. We’re not going to tell you to quit your day job, because you’re not going to start to earn immediately. If you’re smart, diligent, and motivated, you can start to see some money coming in within 3-6 onths.

Building an online website takes time and effort to be successful. You need to continually write website content

I’m not going to tell you how you can make $1000 per day with 5 simple steps, or some other jazz like that. Building a website and making it profitable means you need to do some hard work up front, but you can benefit after that for many years if you do it right.

Annoying YouTube Ads claim you can make tons of money online
Doing a simple search on YouTube for “make money online,” returns many spammy, annoying results like this. You’ve got people holding up money, with big headlines claiming you too can make so much money per hour or per day, and you have to do 0 work to get there. This isn’t realistic, and I’m not going to try and con you into some “program.”

The amount of money you can earn from your website depends upon how much traffic you are able to have visit your site. If you have good content, which is unique in nature and includes pictures and videos, you’ll do well. You’ll also need to learn how to build links and market your website. With that in mind, if your content is truly unique and useful, your site visitors will slowly start to help you establish a presence. Other website owners (we call ourselves webmasters) will link to you without needing to ask, because they like your content so much.

I also will advise you of strategies such as building a number of websites about the same niche subject, and using them to link to each other, and increase each other’s popularity. All kinds of strategy will be discussed.

Building Websites to earn an Online Income with WordPress

Using WordPress to build websites is a very good way to get started. I like to recommend WordPress to people when you want to focus on being able to build your website content and grow your website organically. Without using a content management system (CMS), you can spend a lot of time just designing your website or making it functional. Being able to eliminate that large block of time that has to be devoted to programming or designing websites, is not a simple feat. However WordPress makes it a simple feat. There are other CMS systems out there too that you can use. A number of them will be available to you, if your hosting provider uses Cpanel as an example. Cpanel generally has applications like WordPress, and other CMS systems that can be installed.

Building a website with a CMS like WordPress, or another CMS eliminates the need to know HTML or programming. While it’s very useful to slowly learn HTML, you can learn it too while you build your website. You’ll learn about all kinds of different things, like setting up a SSL certificate on your website, and why that’s so important. However, one of the main factors of why using a CMS like WordPress is so important, is that it allows you to focus on writing your website instead of other things. This is so often overlooked by webmasters. I have seen entrepreneurs spend months or even years developing a logo; all the while they should had been spending time writing content. Creating website content – whether you’re writing articles or shooting videos, is all unique and becomes your staple or trademark. The more pages you write, the more you will organically grow your website. With a WordPress website, you can have the whole site up and running in less then an hour or two. You can start writing website content immediately and choose things like themes, to change how the website looks, later on. Content becomes the centerpiece and most important driving force of the website, and that’s the right way to go about this business.

Organic Website Building Strategies, Using Laser Targeted Keywords & Good Backlink Building Practices

If you read the articles and watch the videos on this website, you can start from building your first website, to owning as many as you want. The most used programs in order to make an online income on your website are Google AdSense, and the Amazon Associate Program. I’ve written an article that helps explain how you can make money with these programs. In order to earn any kind of online income with your site, you’ll need to drive traffic to it as well. I talk about backlink strategies; how they started with reciprocal linking and how backlink building has shifted but still remains an important way to gain rank, prestige or popularity.

Backlink building can be done in a variety of ways. In my article, I talk about how it’s important to not only build backlinks that are relevant to your niche, but also depending on your niche, it may influence how you build those backlinks. One example I provide is if you are able to find a relevant forum, that allows you to post backlinks back to your website. The motto you want to use in the web game is “give something, get something.”¬†

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